HES FES 2012 Day 1 – New Arrivals

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Sunday 22nd July

HES FES started yesterday, but due to prior commitments we couldn’t leave til this morning. This year will be our 4th year in a row at HES FES and as always Inky (my 6 year old daughter) and I were extremely excited. Even more so because my man Sam was coming with us this year too! It would be our first time NOT staying in a tent, much to Inkys disappointment. Sam hand built a camper you see the previous year which he took traveling for 6 months and I was really excited about taking it. As a compromise we were taking the tent as Inkys ‘play room’.

The plan was to leave at 830 in the morning, but once we had packed the last bits in to the camper, got some final supplies and petrol at Tesco, it was 10:30am before we were on our way to Stonham Barns in Suffolk, where Hes Fes was being held. Luckily, in spite of my fears, traffic was good and with a few toilet breaks along the way, we arrived safely at 230pm. Because we were late arrivals and because the venue was so much smaller than previous years, we didn’t have much choice about where we could camp and got a spot right behind the main marquee. I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t be getting sleep til very late in the night as entertainment never ends til rather late, but surprisingly it didnt bother us all week. Maybe being in the camper helped. Thicker walls. We were also perfectly located for the toilet and shower blocks as well as the workshops that would be taking place daily.
After we arrived I started putting things in to their place in the camper and Sam put up the tipi – Inky’s ‘playroom’. Then it was time to go exploring on the bikes. I didn’t know til we arrived that the grounds HES FES were using were part of a bird of prey centre. We discovered lots of open farmland, a golf course, mini golf, a couple of fishing lakes and some shops. It was sunny and warm yet a little breezy, so nice after the endless weeks of rain we’ve had recently. And the weather forecast looked good for the coming week too. After the bike ride me and Inky went for a wander around the marquees to find out where everything was. We found a library and Inky borrowed a book called ‘The Queens Nose’ by Dick King-Smith, one of my childhood favourites! In the evening Sam took Inky to the kids disco whilst I cooked. So novel this year bringing along our own kitchen! After dinner we read a couple of chapters of Inkys borrowed book before getting into bed. a whole week of Hes Fes ahead of us ♥

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