Dr. Halvorsen on Wakefield and Vaccine Safety

Dr Richard Halvorsen is author of  The Truth About Vaccines: How We Are Used as Guinea Pigs Without Knowing It

The benefits of childhood vaccinations appear indisputable. They have saved millions of lives and are revered as one of the greatest public health interventions of all time and perhaps even the greatest success story of modern medicine. FACT OR FICTION (I say FICTION). GP, and father of 2, Richard Halvorsen spent 5 years researching and writing this alarming study of vaccines: do they work, do we know enough about them, are they safe, what are the risks, are there ways of making vaccines safer? ‘I am investigating what we patients and doctors alike are not being told. I am deeply disturbed by what I have found and how information about our health is increasingly held ransom to vested interests rather than freely available … this book had to be written to inform parents, honestly, and without bias, so that they can form their own decisions.’

The government misleads us about vaccines…they insist vaccines are essential and save millions of lives…

* UK children are being used as guinea pigs, and being given unnecessary jabs for illnesses such as mumps and whooping cough which have been ineffective in stamping out the illness

* Bombarding children with a cocktail of vaccines could be causing some serious health problems, with hundreds, if not thousands, if children adversely affected annually

* Children are meant to have 25 (!!!! MANY MORE NOW IN 2016) vaccinations by age 15 months. There is still uncertainty whether the rising number of childhood vaccinations is contributing to the growing number of children affected by asthma, diabetes, and other immune related disorders.

* One vaccine ‘expert’ said that they would probably never be able to test the safety of vaccines while so many are bundled together and administered at the same time, making it almost impossible to distinguish the side effects of one from another

* Vaccine risks are probably not assessed properly because unlike drugs, vaccines generally don’t undergo long-term safety trials (or they are known but still administered because someone, let me guess who, wants to make money. And also sick children/adults means more money spent on other medication that has been designed by the same people who manufactured the vaccines in the first place. It is one big VICIOUS circle.)


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