Reasons and Benefits for Home Schooling


Why home schooling is an option for some

* ill health of a child

* children can learn at their own pace

* unhappiness

* loss of a ‘childhood’ – parents don’t want to miss out on their children

* bullying

* children changing drastically into someone you hardly recognise

* underachieving at school in spite of being intelligent

* lack of support for individual needs

* lack of respect for kids, such as for their special talents and gifts

* increasing stress of tests/targets/deadlines

* poor interaction with other students and teachers alike

* the curriculum being narrowed – at home the curriculum can be designed specifically to best meet your child’s needs

* intense pressure and unreasonable/unrealistic expectations put upon children and teenagers

* competitive behaviour in the classroom

* overcrowded classrooms with people your child may not like or get along with

* the ratio at home is 1on1 (or a couple more) not 30+ on 1

* religion or philosophical beliefs

* an objection to school teachings

* the quality of education provided in public schools

How do you know that home schooling is right for your child

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