Why are more people choosing to home educate PART II

They also feel more responsible for their own education when given the freedom to explore the things they like. They put more effort in to their work and don’t try to satisfy the teacher, they satisfy themselves. At home they are not mute recipients of rote material that has been selected by the government for them to learn. Children educated at home work for internal not external satisfaction. There is no reward or punishment system.

Home Schooling Due to Health Issues

If a child is off school due to prolonged illness then this may be the trigger for home schooling. Sometimes school districts provide teachers who come to the home to help the student to keep up with work. But this is not really what defines home schooling, although it can progress on to families deciding that they want to permanently keep their child at home to teach them themselves.

Parents may want to home school their children for health benefits such as being able to go outside more and getting fresh air and exercise. This is far more beneficial for children than sitting in overcrowded, often overheated classrooms. Children don’t get sick as much as they are not infected by children who come to school ill. Obviously illnesses in the home cant be avoided, but there is a decrease in being ill with thing like colds and viral infections. The stress levels of families are reduced as there is no pressure after school to do homework. The environment is far more relaxed adding to better family health. Also you have more control over your child’s diet

Home Schooling due to Concerns Regarding Safety

This is another reason why some families choose to home school. There is no chance of bullying. I personally know many home educators who’s children were removed from school due to bullying that was not dealt with accordingly by the school and escalated to extreme levels. And even then the head teacher/teachers didn’t seem to give a hoot.

Some parents are concerned for their childs physical safety. In the USA the root of this can be because of fear generated by events such as a stabbing. Especially in the USA where there have been shootings. Also most schools have drug pushers and this eliminates this problem from that source. Alcohol abuse is also less likely.

Home Schooling Based on Family Lifestyle

For some families home schooling ties in better with their personal circumstances. E.g they may travel a lot because of work and may have to move routinely. Some may have children that are involved in the entertainment business such as acting, or other activities that don’t fit in with ‘normal’ school hours. Others want their lifestyle to be based on home schooling. They have a dream of what it can be to learn and live without schools. It is a path they choose and they more often than not don’t look back.

PART I – Why are more people choosing to home educate

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