The Beaches of Ilhéus, Bahia in Brazil

Beaches central to Ilhéus

The beaches located in the centre of Ilhéus such as the Praia da Avenida, Praia do Cristo and, on the north side of town, Praia do Malhado and Praia do Marciano are not as attractive as they used to be due to the effects of the construction of the new harbour.

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Praia de Avenida – this is central to Ilhéus – featuring a waterfront park with ball courts, cycling circuit and an open air theatre. It is advised not to swim on the right hand side of the Sao Sebastiao Cathedral. The water used to be far closer to the “boulevard”. Nowadays one must walk through some small sand dunes, grassy land or football fields before getting to the slightly polluted water.

Cristo Beach – this beach is central to Ilhéus, located at the foot of the Christ Statue near the old harbour at the mouth of the Rio Cachoeira River and close to the Santana River also. Where the sea and Pontal Bay meet is the perfect spot for sailing, jet skiing, canoeing, and hobby-cat as well as other water sports.

Praia do Malhado – 3km – located at the north side of the city in front of an oil refinery, swimming here is not advised. the beach has some barracas at the beach where you can drink, eat snacks and listen to music.

Praia do Marciano – 4km – a popular hangout for the locals and here you can go swimming, but there are reefs and at the most extreme rocks, so beware! There are a few barracas that play loud music, which doesn’t seem to bother the visitors who are generally fairly young.

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